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Extracurricular Activities

KCA provides a number of activities for our students. We encourage our students to participate in as many activities as possible. Some are conducted in class, some after school, and some are family activities. Our after school activities usually have a fee for participation.

3-7th Grade can participate in our internationally recognized archery team!

Art Classes
The educational materials used by the Kentucky Christian Academy Fine Arts program are chosen from a Christian view. However, we know that God has created all things, and quality materials from a classical or traditional background cannot be ignored. This material is (l) previewed, (2) edited, (3) and then approached from a biblical perspective. We will be faithful to present all traditional classics from a Christian point of view.

Christmas Musical - All Grades

One or two productions are held each year for students who audition and are assigned parts.

Field Day
Held near the end of the year, this event involves the 1st through 7th graders in various games.

Field Trips
Field trips are planned throughout the school year. Parents are requested to assist in supervision and/or transportation. Siblings are not allowed on field trips. If siblings are brought on a field trip, the student will be asked to leave, will be charged an unexcused absence, and will not receive any academic credit for the field trip.

Math Olympics
Math Olympics is a local and regional competition for 3rd and up.

Science Share
Science projects are displayed during the share.

Speech Meet
Speech Meet is a local and regional competition for 1st and up. All students are required to participate.

Spelling Bee
Spelling Bee is a local and regional competition for 1st and up. All students are required to participate.



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